You may be hearing more and more about “coworking” spaces. Maybe you’re not sure what that even is, or how it could apply to you and your current work situation. Coworking spaces, or shared offices, are on the rise, especially in rural areas across the country, as many professionals, whether remote workers, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, work-from-home professionals, and others, are seeing the convenience and cost-saving benefits of sharing an office. If you are one of the 10+ million Americans who are entrepreneurs, read on to learn the eight signs that you need a coworking space. 

Why are coworking spaces important?

Not every self-employed business owner has an office, and not everyone loves working from home. Over 12% of all Minnesotans are self-employed, which means many of us are working in unique spaces (think home offices, couches, cars, or coffee shops). For many small business owners and freelancers, renting an office downtown is not an option financially. Coworking spaces have emerged as a creative way to address rising real estate costs and an increase in the sole proprietor economy. 

Cove Coworking - 8 Signs You Need a Coworking Space Now

8 Signs You Need a Coworking Space

  1. You’re feeling lonely or isolated in your home office.

    No, you don’t want to go back to a 9-to-5 job, but you’re missing the water cooler talk of your past corporate life. Like, can someone just please ask me how my weekend was?

    Socializing at work, while not ideal in an employer’s eyes, is a huge factor in workplace satisfaction, so it’s no wonder those of us who work alone crave it.

  2. The coffee shop, or your kitchen table, isn’t cutting it anymore.

    You want a professional, dedicated space to get some serious work done (preferably at a table that doesn’t have syrup on it).

  3. You find yourself distracted when you should be working.

    Okay, to be fair, this can happen anywhere. But it’s really likely to happen when there’s a load of laundry (or three) waiting for you alongside your desk at home.

  4. You crave partnerships with other professionals but aren’t sure where to find them or how to connect.

    Collaborating with other small business owners and freelancers is fun and mutually beneficial. Rubbing elbows, so-to-speak, with other leaders like yourself can provide opportunities for ideas and partnerships to flourish.

  5. You can’t quite afford a dedicated office space, but, man, do you need one.

    Maybe your kids are not respecting the “now working” sign on the home office door, or maybe your mother likes to “pop in” since you’re at home anyway and she was in the neighborhood.

    All you know is, getting your own office space means fewer distractions and less availability for others to interrupt you.

  6. You’re ready to start or grow your business, and getting a dedicated office space will be the spur you need to blast off.

    Unlike working from home or your car, when you step into your coworking space, the distractions and options dwindle, leaving you with ample time and space to get your work done.

    Even if it’s just a mental shift, like having a professional office space, you’re setting intentions of growing yourself and your business and prioritizing those goals.

    Plus, being a part of the downtown business community will give you a sense of connection and pride as you grow yourself professionally.

  7. You need a neutral space to meet with clients or contractors.

    Especially if you are a B2C business, you may tire of meeting with clients at the local coffee shop. If you’re ready to take your pitch to the next level, dare-I-say “on your own turf,” utilize your coworking space’s conference room.

  8. You need a work community of driven, like-minded professionals.

    Let’s face it: your cat is just not into goal-setting like you are. If your passion is fueled by being around other go-getters, a coworking space is a perfect place to find them.  
Cove Coworking - 8 Signs you Need a Membership

Does This Sound Like You?

Whether you are self-employed or a remote employee, a coworking space is a great option to get your work done. Most shared office spaces for rent have membership packages ranging from month-to-month to annual arrangements if you’re ready to jump in, or daily drop-in rates if you want to just test the waters. 

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