So you took the leap and became a member of your local coworking space—congratulations! Likely, you needed a new space to work and are excited about this opportunity to work from a progressive, shared workspace. 

As you consider how your business will grow and thrive in this new environment, we’ve compiled some tips for your coworking space success. Use these tips as a guide for your first day at the new office.  

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6 Ultimate Tips for Coworking Success

  1. Digitize your business.

    If you’ve been putting off going digital with your business, make your work life easier and focus on doing it now. 

    Consider using some great free tools such as Google Drive for saving and creating all of your documents and spreadsheets or Trello for a digital to-do list, notebook, and project management tool.

    Having all of your files and notes digitally at your fingertips will make your workflow quicker in the long run. 

  2. Get your supplies organized.

    Having a home office and a coworking office means transporting your work between the two. Now is the time to get your physical work items organized to make work-on-the-go easier.

    Invest in a nice bag to transport your laptop, headphones, cell, notebook, bobblehead, and whatever else you need to turn your coworking desk into a productivity hub for the day. 

    If possible, get duplicates of some smaller desk items (charger, earbuds, etc.) so you can leave your bag mostly packed. You never know when inspiration will strike, so it will be nice to only grab the big items you need as you head out the door to the office!

  3. Be courteous to others.

    As obvious as it may be, it’s still worth saying: all coworking members have a responsibility to help maintain a peaceful and productive workspace.

    If you’re listening to music, a training, or other audio-based content, do your neighbors a favor and use headphones.

    If you need to make a lively phone call, do so in a designated phone booth space, in a conference room, or elsewhere that will not distract your neighbors. 

    And just like at your corporate job, don’t microwave fish in the breakroom or bring in your collection of scented candles. Keep the smells to a minimum.

    And of course, make sure to clean up any messes you make and tidy up the space after you’re done.

  4. Keep a schedule.

    Just like having a gym membership, having a coworking space membership doesn’t necessarily mean you will use it. Don’t let your financial investment into a membership become a sore spot by not maximizing your time there.

    The best way to get the most out of your coworking space membership is to create a schedule to keep yourself on track to achieve your business goals. By committing to working at the space on, say, Tuesdays and Thursdays, you are not only setting some structure for yourself but also for friends and family to hold you accountable. 

    Allow yourself some flexibility—after all, the perks of being your own boss or working remote are meant to be enjoyed!—but practice self discipline and keep to a schedule as much as possible.

    If you do choose to skip a day at the office, most coworking spaces allow for 24-hour access so you can easily clock in some hours in the evening. 

  5. Put yourself out there.

    If you are a new business owner, use your new coworking membership as a catalyst to get clear on both your personal and business branding–meaning what your values and goals are. In your new office space you will have a fresh network of people to get to know you and your business. Getting your branding and your “elevator pitch” (how you would explain your business in 30 seconds or less) fine-tuned will help you introduce yourself and your services easier. Plus, being able to vocalize your passion, your why, becomes a natural connection point to others.

    Introduce yourself and your business to as many other members as you can. Be open to the opportunities that may present themselves. You may meet coworkers with the right connections to grow your business, or other professionals who need your services and expertise. These connections can be a great network for your business.

  6. Get involved.

    If your coworking space offers educational seminars or networking events, take full advantage of these opportunities! Not only will you learn something or meet new people, but you will also be letting the owners/organizers know that these events have value for members. 

    Brainstorm ways you can offer value to your fellow coworking mates. Maybe you can share a discounted rate for your products or services to other members to promote your business. Or maybe you can offer a brief seminar on a subject of your expertise to other entrepreneurs, expanding your reach and offering yourself as a resource. 

    Finally, find other ways to get involved in the local business community, whether it be through your local business chamber of commerce or merchant event planning groups. Now that you have a coworking membership, you will feel closer to other storefront businesses and motivated to get involved. 

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